Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review BEEPIC V1.0

As I promised to you, here I go with a little BEEPIC review. I´ve been using this board for two days (thanks mates!) and I think it´s really cool! Bootloader works great so there is no problem with upgrades, it´s not a dongle but who need it? I really hate ‘dongle makers’ that only want to take profit about scene does. So please people, stop supporting that ‘companies’.

Well, let´s go with our stuff. Steps to make your BEEPIC work (‘inspired’ on BEEPIC Quick Start Guide). Video at the bottom.

STEP 1: Connect BEEPIC to PC through a miniUSB cable.

LED will shine in a fixed red color and you will get the following message (Installing device).

STEP 2: Windows includes a standard driver for USB HID devices so installation will be done automatically.

Clicking over the message we will obtain information about installation.

STEP 3: Once completed, we will get a message indicating a successful BEEPIC driver installation.

LED blink alternatively (red-green) indicating we are in ‘Bootloader Mode’.

STEP 4: Download and open MiEUSBHIDLoader software. Probably you will need to install Microsoft “.Net Framework 4” and “Visual C++ 2010 redistributable x32”.

STEP 5: If BEEPIC trainer board is not connected, MiEUSBHIDLoader will be inactive.

STEP 6: Once BEEPIC is attached to a PC and in ‘Bootloader Mode’, MiEUSBHIDLoader will detect automatically the board.

STEP 7: Click on “Burn HEX!” and select desired .HEX file to load into BEEPIC trainer board.

STEP 8: BEEPIC burning will start.

STEP 9: After programming, BEEPIC will be reset and will enter into ‘Program Mode’.

If you desire to enter into ‘Bootloader Mode’ again, you have to press BEEPIC Reset button while you are in ‘Program Mode’. At Power on, BEEPIC will enter into ‘Program Mode’ always.

Here you have a video showing the process. Enjoy!!


- BEEPIC is a training board made around Open Source Hardware.
- It´s only 19,95€, small and easy to use.