Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today I´ve recieved my BEEPIC from Microingenia Electronics guys!

As you know this is a multipurpose trainer board based on PIC18F2550, with a preloaded USB HID bootloader. It´s open source hardware so you can get schematic, software and firmware from Microingenia Electronics website.

I´ve connected BEEPIC to my computer, driver installed automatically and then loaded PSGrooPIC firmware with MiEUSBLoader V1.1 in just one second! You guys gonna love this piece of art.

This is a beautiful, small (4,8cm x 2cm) and cheaper (19,95€) solution for PSGrooPIC, my next ‘wBTL releases’ will be renamed to use this hardware name. I think this will be a point to take a common hardware solution (remember is open hardware so you can make it on your home!).

Tomorrow I´ll make an extended review, I´m gonna play with this stuff now! :)