Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look changed...

After a few days wondering how to do it, I´ve decided to change PSGrooPIC Blog look.

I hope will be more functional now.

I´ve created four pages:

- PSGrooPIC DIY: You´ll find information about how to do your own PSGrooPIC dongle. Remember it is under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License… ¬¬

- PSGrooPIC – BEEPIC: If you don’t have a solder here you´ll find a commercial solution based on OSHW (Open Source Hardware) general purpose trainer board.

- Downloads: Latest and older versions of PSGrooPIC SRC and HEX will be stored here.

- Change List: A past and present archive…

Don´t forget to buy me a beer if this blog was useful to you...! Thanks.


In this blog you´ll find information about the PSGroove port to PIC microcontrollers.

You´ll learn how to do it by yourself or which comercial board use if you don´t have a solder!!