This is a schematic about all you need:

Component list:
- 1x PIC 18F2550 Microcontroller
- 1x Xtal 8Mhz
- 2x 22pf capacitors
- 1x 470nF capacitor
- 1x 100nF capacitor
- 1x 330Ohm resistors
- 1x Led
- 1x USB Connector Type A
- 1x Protoboard!

Well, once you solder all that stuff it´s time to burn that microcontroller!...

I recommend using ART2003 programmer (Google for it!).

Download and install WinPIC800 if you have an ART2003, and don´t forget enable LVP programming! There are a lot of tutorials to learn how to do it.

What you need now is to compile SRC to generate .hex (CCS PCWH V4 compiler required) or just download .HEX --> Go To Downloads