Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PSGrooPIC V1.6c & V1.7a

Cause we have now a new and tidy up blog, let´s go to create a little chaos.

As you now at this moment there are a few Payloads (Hermes, KaKaRoTo, Waninkoko, Jevinskie, and Philhug) available.

Everyone has his own advantages and disadvantages. Today Hermes released is Hermes Payload V3 and of course, in my point of view, it is the best one but… It is not compatible with 3.01, 3.10, 3.15 firmwares, only 3.41 is the lucky one.

In other hand, we have Waninkoko Payload, it compatible with 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.41 firmwares but it hasn´t Hermes Payload advantages.

After that, I´ve decided to continue with PSGrooPIC V1.6x (letter subversion) to support KaKaRoTo/Waninkoko and derived Payloads and PSGrooPIC V1.7x with support to Hermes Payloads (only for 3.41 firmware).

So then, I´ve attached to Downloads section this:

- PSGrooPIC V1.6c: BD EMU, Waninkoko Payload (Compatible with 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.41 firmwares, No disk). Fixed ‘New USB Device’ popup window and led off.

- PSGrooPIC V1.7a: BD EMU, Hermes V3 Payload (Compatible with 3.41 firmware, No disk, Homebrew on usb, etc!). More info HERE.

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