Monday, October 25, 2010

PSGrooPIC PL3 and Github

At least, we have fully PL3 integration (thanks to laichung and Noltari)!! This means that since now, every time an update comes to PL3, PSGrooPIC will have it just in time :)

Another big new, PSGrooPIC is now in Github!! So now, community could make his own contributions to make this SRC grow ;) (I´m new on this stuff so sorry if I made something wrong...). From now on, SRC will be on github and I´ll put .HEX (that thing that you normally want) in this blog.

And because we have PL3 integration, a new subversion is comming. We´ll call it PSGrooPIC V2.xx ... cool uh? XD

Making and effort to make something like a standarized code, I´ve decided to use this new format for .hex files: "PSGrooPIC_BRD_FWXXX.hex"

Where BRD is a known board, this first release is ready to use with two boards: DIY (formally known as PSGrooPIC V1.2, no bootloader) and BEEPIC (from Microingenia Electronics guys, with bootloader).

And FWXXX is Firmware subversion, at this time, PSGrooPIC V2 is compatible with 3.01, 3.10, 3.15 and 3.41.

But, which going to happen with Hermes Payload? We´ll name it as PSGrooPIC HermesVx ... to keep Hermes subversion. In this case, we will supply SRC in download section as ever. We hope Hermes jump to Github and try to integrate his wonderful code into PL3 soon :)

So guys, go to Download section to get your new .hex (PSGrooPIC V2.00) based on latest PL3.

And remember, PL3 is working like a charm with Gaia Manager.

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