Thursday, November 18, 2010

PSGrooPIC V2.04... PSN, SPOOF 3.50 only FW3.41

Well just a minimal update, I´ve been busy these days so this update is coming late.

In first place, thanks to TSC from EOL forums and iLLNESS from PSX-Scene forums, they are working hard to keep this project warm as hell. Thanks for your work guys! iLLNESS one day I´ll meet you at IRC I promise! XD

In second place, Thanks to Noltari from EOL forums, he made an awesome work on PL3 integration. You guys should take a look on his Howto Setup Cygwin to compile PSGrooPIC from Github.

So now, PSGrooPIC is ready to be compiled in Windows with Cygwin, you could find SRC on Github.

This latest release includes PL3 from Vidarino, and includes Xoeo PSN, SPOOF 3.50, etc. Just for FW 3.41 at this time. If someone needs FW3.15 go through TSC link, he ported Xoeo SRC to PICs.

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